I’m calling this one done…although I may make a few more tweaks before Steamcon (if I have time!).  I’ve worn it once already: to the first of five Halloween-themed dress-up days at my library workplace.  The first theme was…big surprise…vampires!

Here are three of us, at work, terrorizing a co-worker who wasn’t wise enough to wear fangs and take herself off the lunch menu!

When I got home, I had someone take a few quick snaps in the front yard.  I will hopefully get better ones next time I wear this….these are so bad I really don’t even want to post them – but since you’ve all been begging for more pics…here they are.

I have a pair of fingerless, over the elbow black leather gloves that I will wear to Steamcon with this; I wore ordinary fabric gloves to work because: 1) I didn’t want to risk injury to the gloves, and 2) It was quite warm inside the building. We’re having our second summer just now….   I did manage to wear the boots ALL SHIFT without experiencing an intolerable amount of pain!  Yay for comfortable 5″ heels!