First up, I’ll like to share the pictures I took in Bath. I booked a session at the Study Facilities at the Fashion Museum. It’s completely free; you just book ahead, tell them what types of fashion/eras you’re interested in, and they pull out a selection for you to examine. It’s amazing, guys.  They just spread the dresses out on a table, give you white cotton gloves, and leave you to it.  I still can’t believe they let me handle all these wonderful things!

I asked for beetlewing embroidery, and 1830s dresses.

The first dress was red, and covered in the most spectacular beetlewings. There wasn’t a date on it, just a note that it was silk, and made in India.


Second was the most delicate beetlewing skirt. The notes say it was made of cotton, in India. BATMC 1.19.42

Third, a beetlewing purse. 1820-1830, silk  BATMC V1.01.269

Fourth, 1833-1837 Day Dress.  Woven wool, with printed design. BATMC 1.09.996

Fifth, a silk and net gold embroidered dress from 1830. BATMC 1.09.1400

This one wasn’t even pulled for me, but I saw the box with its printed description, and commented that it sounded lovely. She said they don’t usually show this one because of its fragility, but she brought it out anyway. Guys. I can’t believe they just let me handle these things! I mean, they know nothing whatsoever about me, other than my name!

Sixth: 1837 Day Dress. The sleeves were put in in the 1840s. Silk, woven taffeta. BATMC 1.09.1001

Seventh: 1836-1840 Evening dress, woven silk. BATMC 2005.49

Eighth: 1833-1837 Evening dress, silk, woven. BATMC 1.09.1286

Ninth: 1836-1841 dress printed cotton BATMC 1.09.2884

Tenth: 1832-1836 Dress. Wool and silk, woven. Silk brocade stripe in textile. BATMC 1.09.993

Eleventh: 1835? Cotton dress, printed. BATMC 1.09.995

I had two hours, and I took as many photos as I could. This last one was my favorite 1830s dress – it was such a pretty print, and very lovely.

Anyway, there you are, and if you’re ever in Bath, I highly recommend booking some time at the Study Facilities.

All the rest of the photos are here.