Note: This dress is actually for sale.

In the process of making a muslin for the “Steampunk Ghost” outfit, it became very possible that I would need a ‘regular’ Victorian outfit in March.  So I decided to turn my muslin into an actual gown.  I dug through my boxes and came up with some blue and gold fabric and trim that I’d bought without definite plans for its use.

Right now, I’ve completed the vest, with attached overskirt.  It is an ice blue and pale gold brocade, and will have a double line of buttons down the front (as soon as my mail-order buttons arrive.) The skirt is lined in antique gold taffeta, and can be either bustled or left long as a train.

The gold taffeta skirt in the photo will actually be the underskirt’s lining.  I did not have *quite* enough brocade to make the underskirt, so Sunday I’ll run by JoAnn’s and pick up more.  I’m fortunate that they still have it for sale!  And it’s currently 50% off. And JoAnn’s gave me a $20 gift card for being a good customer and spending tons of money there.

The brocade overskirt is just temporarily bustled in these pictures.

Almost all the edging and finishing is hand-sewn, and the taffeta gives it *such* a lovely feel and sound.  I’m totally in love with this outfit!

I also found a piece of antique lace at the thrift store that will gather up nicely for part of the collar.

I still have much of the jacket to sew, the overskirt needs to be finished, and I think instead of sewing a blouse for underneath, I’ll just make a dickie with a fancy lace collar.

I am SO OBSESSED with this costume at present…I’ve even taken it to work to sew trim during my dinner break!  Part of it is that it was supposed to be a quick, “test” costume, just to make the pattern for the Steampunk Ghost, and make sure everything fits well. (Plus use some fabric and trim I’ve had for ages and never used.)

I have to say, I absolutely LOVE how it is turning out!  The vest and jacket are now finished.  All that’s left is to make the blouse and lace collar, and finish the skirt.  The skirt still needs hemming and a waistband.  Oh – and the “bustled” part of the skirt also needs to be sewn; right now it’s just pinned.

I need to make a hat as well….

On to the pics:

With a few scraps of dress fabric, the one solitary leftover tassel from the dress trim, and the clasp purchased originally for something different, I made a purse for my Victorian.

It still needs a chain ‘strap’, and the color of the clasp is rather more antique gold than in the this pic, but look how well it turned out!  I’m so pleased,  This is my first ever attempt at this sort of ribbon rose, and also my first dragonfly, so I’m delighted they look so pretty.

The rose instructions came from this book, and the dragonfly from