Costume Con 30

I came, I saw, I wore a birdcage on my butt…

Red Velvet Steampunk Showgirl

This was put together very quickly for an upcoming Con, so I didn’t get any pictures in progress.

Except for a few before the buttons were sewn on:

The jacket/bodice is (of course) red velvet. The skirt is made from a thrift store white cotton sheet.  I draped all of this myself, without using a commercial pattern.

There’s a surprise in the back…are you ready?

I also call this one the “birdcage dress” because of the bustle.

The bustle is made of basket-weaving reed (basically super-flexible wood) that has been spray painted gold.  You can’t really see in the pic, but it’s also glittery! It’s held in shape by gold ribbon.

And then there’s a bird.  A glittery red peacock-ish bird that I bought in an after-Christmas sale.

After I sewed the buttons on, it looked like this:

And then I made a hat/fascinator, using another item I bought in the after-Christmas sale:

I’m taking this to Costume Con with me in May, so look for me-inside-it pictures coming soon!