I really, really liked this costume!  It’s weird, because I’ve never been a gory costume kinda girl.  But I had so much fun figuring out to make this work, and it was so different from anything I’ve done before!  I don’t know…I may have to make another gory costume sometime….I have this great idea for fake intestines…..  *shudder*

Anyway, it had a great reception at Steamcon IV.

The finishing touch ended up being this 3D gel blood I bought.  It’s amazing stuff!  You warm it in a microwave, and then apply it.  After a few minutes it sets into the most realistic blood – sort of rubbery to the touch.  You can let it drip, etc, to make it look real.  You can put it on your skin as well – and if you “roll” it off your skin and put it back in the bottle, it’s actually reusable!

I used “Living Nightmare” brand.  I’m going to have to go back and get another bottle for the Steampunk Ghost.  This stuff is wonderful!

These pictures aren’t very good; I had something else on the dummy so I couldn’t show you how it looks on a body.  The color isn’t right, either – my camera is complete crap at capturing true color.  The broken bone shows up better in real life, too.

But overall, I’m super happy with how this turned out.  I want to do MORE gross costuming now!  *grin*