I bought the Truly Victorian 1879 Petticoat with Detachable Train pattern.  As always with Truly Victorian patterns, it went together perfectly and sewed like a dream.  No problems whatsoever!  Whoever does the patterns for TV is a frickin’ genius.

The only thing I changed was the size of the ruffles – I made them smaller, because I didn’t have quite enough fabric to go big.  The fabric is this silky shiny pale gold faille/bengaline that I bought because 1) it was on sale, and 2) gorgeous.  Even though it ended up just sitting there because yellow/gold tones are not a good match for me.  For a petticoat, though, it’s perfect.

I especially like the detachable train, so the same petticoat can be used for daywear or evening wear.  That bottom row of ruffles at the back?  It buttons right off!

Or it will, once I put the buttons on.  For now it’s just pinned.  See?

I need to go through my buttons and see if I have something suitable.  It was quite a fun, quick project…though the rows of netting inside the petticoat got a bit tedious to sew and gather!