First Wearing 10/31/13

I wore the hobbit dress to work for Halloween.  It was very comfy.  Originally, I was going to use those plastic silly slippers that look like feet, but even after I tried cutting them down they were still too big looking and uncomfortable.  So I scrapped them, and used flip-flops with a layer of flesh painted duct tape.

Hot glued to the top of the duct tape was red doll hair.  This was made, literally, an hour before I had to go to work.  Someday, I’ll make a more lasting version!

But hey.  At least you can see that I’m a natural redhead!  😉

I really LOVE this outfit!

I need to find a Shire-like place around here and get some better photos of this one.  But maybe I’ll wait until Spring.

Almost Done 4/5/13

Really, all that’s left is to hem the skirt and make the accessories, like the hat.  Oh, and the lace around the neck is just stuck in there; I need to make a proper fichu at some point.  At*this* point, I’m calling it done for now.  I have other projects that are more pressing.

But, on to the pictures!

The skirt, if you remember, is made from a vintage embroidered sari.

The embroidered front panel I embroidered myself.  I used Needle Painting Embroidery by Trish Burr for inspiration and how-to.  It’s quite a fabulous book.  I need to figure out a costume that needs embroidered birds!

Also, I had so much fun doing this one, that I am totally making more hobbit outfits when I have time.  I want to do a gardening/work outfit, and I have the lace (and the ideas) for a hobbit wedding dress.  My brain is crazy….what else can I say?  😉

Underthings and Jacket 3/8/13

Well, as it turns out, I didn’t finish this one in time to wear to the Emerald City Comicon. I could have done, only I was having so much fun thinking up new elements to add, that I decided I’d rather take my time, than rush through it.  I’ve been rushing through too many costumes lately!

So.  Since I *am* a hobbit in my heart and soul, I decided not to slavishly copy the film dresses, but to use them as a basic design and then add my own ideas.  First of all: pockets.  We hobbits are very practical creatures, and what’s more practical than a pocket or two?  Second, hobbits are very hands-on and crafty, so I feel sure we’d have a bit of embroidery tucked in here and there.

For the underthings, I began with a queen-sized white cotton sheet.  And then I made this.

It’s in two pieces, a petticoat and a chemise.  I will eventually make a pair of bloomers to match, I think, only I ran out of sheet.  The petticoat is designed after the 18th century ones.   I didn’t have any white ribbon, so it’s just pinning right now, rather than tied.  It does have the slit to reach through and access my pockets!

The chemise is my own design.  It’s slightly fitted through the back, and blousey in the front.


I made the blousey effect by inserting two panels in front, gathered with ties.

The jacket is made of wool, with wooden buttons and lace at the cuffs. The front is still unfinished, as I will have an embroidered buttoned panel.  I have to do all the embroidery, so that may be awhile before I can finish it.I also need to finish the other cuff.

This is some of the wool I bought in LA’s fabric district.  It was a bit pricey, being $21 a yard, but well worth it.  The color is perfect, and it’s so cozy and nice to work with.  It has a slight stretch, but not enough to be troublesome.

There are three pockets built into the jacket.  One pocket on the right side of the bodice front, and one on each side of the peplum.  The collar, the pockets, and the button up strap on the cuffs are all embroidered in a self-green leaf design.

The jacket is lined in a cotton floral print.

In addition, my birthday project this year was learning how to knit.  So far I’ve knitted a Hufflepuff scarf, two pairs of fingerless mitts, and these:

They button up the side with little green buttons.

If there’s one thing I know for sure about hobbits, it’s that we like to stay warm and cozy!


Hobbit Dress 1/14/13

I love the darling female Hobbit outfits from The Hobbit trilogy.  I can’t wait to see them on the screen (my one disappointment with Part One was that those dresses did not make an appearance.)  I am, of course, speaking of these:

And there are also the MOST delightful sketches.  I am in love.

I was resisting making one, though…because a hobbit dress is not something I can wear to any of my upcoming costume events.  But then, I decided to squeeze the Emerald City Comicon to the list, and suddenly…I have a place I can be a hobbit!

So, in the couple of weeks between the end of Gallifrey One and ECCC, I will attempt to make something very similar to the design of the blue dress sketch above.  Only in peach and green.

I have a peach sari that is embroidered all over with green leaves and flowers; I think this will the fabric for the skirt.

I need to find some green fabric to make the bodice.  And I have ordered this wig:

Since I am not prepared to wander around a con in bare feet, I plan to get flesh-toned ballerina flats and call that good enough.  I will probably put flowers in my hair instead of wearing a straw hat.

I’m excited about making this!  I have always identified with the hobbits; if I could transform into any magical non-human race, I think I would be a hobbit.  I could be perfectly happy in Bag End, with my chickens and my garden, and my maps to pore over!